Tibāq/Antithesis: (Muhassināt Ma’nawiyya) الطباق

Literally: to bring two things together. Rhetorically: to combine two opposites in order within a proposition. For example: العدو يظهر الحسنة ويخفي السيئة the enemy shows good and hides evil where two opposite concepts “shows” and “hides” have been used in order and have opposite meanings.

If the two opposites are in agreement in terms of both being affirmative concepts in the proposition, like our example where both parts are affirming a meaning, it is non negated antithesis طباق إيجاب (tibaq ijab), if not, meaning one is an affirmative and the other is a negation proposition then it is negated antithesis طباق سلب (tibaq salb) – for example: الصديق صادق معك ليس كاذباً the friend is truthful with you and not a liar where despite the two parts of the propositions being opposites in meaning, one is affirmative and the other is a negation.