Dīwān of al-Imām al-Shaf’ī: Selected Poems on Seeking Knowledge

مختارات من ديوان الإمام الشافعي في آداب طالب العلم

  • Prerequisites and intended audience: 
    • This course is meant for students of Arabic who are familiar with Arabic grammar and morphology on a basic/intermediate level 

  • Objectives and Outcomes:
    • Provide students a general introduction and taste of Arabic poetry post the Jahilī and early Islamic era
    • Expand Arabic vocabulary
    • Identify elements of Arabic grammar and demonstrate understanding of basic definitions and rules on an intermediate level
    • Equip students with the ability to translate easy Arabic poetry and to recognize pronouns and their significations 
    • Identify Arabic Rhetoric rules and concepts in texts of Arabic poetry in terms of word order, figurative speech, and embellishments
    • Derive and implement practical life lessons from Imam ash-Shaf’i’s perspective
    • Develop appreciation for Arabic poetry in terms of its content and eloquence