الجناس Jinaas/pun (Lafziyya)

Jinas literally means for something to be of the same kind. Rhetorically: it is when two words are similar in pronounciation and/or letters but different in meaning. It has two categories:

1: Complete (taamm) الجناس التام and this is when both words agree in terms of having the same letters, the same form, the same number of letters and the same order. For example: (On that Day when the Hour will come to pass, the disbelievers shall swear that they had stayed no more than an hour.) [30:55] (ويوم تقوم الساعة يقسم المجرمون ما لبثوا غير ساعة). Here we have complete jinās as the word “hour” in English and its translation in Arabic “ساعة” are identical in their letters, number of letters and the order of the letters but they both have different meanings. The first being the Day of Judgement and the second an hour referring to time or duration. 

2: Incomplete (ghair tamm) الجناس الغير تام is when the two words disagree in one of the four elements mentioned earlier. For example: (And they prevent others form him and are themselves remote from him.) [6:26] (وهم ينهون عنه وينأون عنه). Here the two words, ينهون and ينأون are almost identical in their letters. They differ in one letter which is why this is an incomplete jinās.